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All data contained in G.O.A.L. (General Offender Awareness List) is privileged and sensitive information and shall be handled accordingly. To maintain the integrity of this information, the records will be viewed only by authorized users. The information contained in G.O.A.L. is based on police documented criminal activity. Involvement in any criminal activity while a resident of a Crime Free Multi-Housing Community is a violation of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Standards and is grounds for eviction.

Activity associated with any aspect of G.O.A.L. is subject to detailed monitoring and audits to protect against improper or unauthorized use. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to, queries not related to a legitimate Crime Free Multi-Housing business purpose, personal use, dissemination, sharing, copying or passing of G.O.A.L. information to unauthorized users and could result in removal of the participating complex from Crime Free Multi-Housing.

Any action taken upon any person(s) listed in G.O.A.L. by a participating Crime Free Multi-Housing Complex is done at the participant's discretion based on the information that is publicly available. The Orlando Police Department and/or its members are not liable for any action taken by a participating Crime Free Multi-Housing Complex towards a person(s) listed within G.O.A.L.

Accessing G.O.A.L. by any individual or agency constitutes their consent to the monitoring of all activities, as well as consent to the termination of their access privileges during or following any audit that determines misuse of G.O.A.L.